So I got internship, in Jovian Mandagie boutique. I have wanted to work for a long time and I got it. I would say more of regret than excitement. It was super tiring. I am quite stressed up during work and especially I am working as a sales assistant, boutique assistant manager and a cleaner. They are really lucky to have me to be in their company during the opening of new boutique. Although they all wanted me to stay after my internship but I doubt it. I would not say my work next time will be relaxed (as fashion industry is never relaxed) but I would want to work in a company with more appropriate system.  Soon puasa month will be here and I am sure that there will be shit lot of work to be accomplished.

My fellow Canadians, Brynne, Jordan and Heather will be gone this Friday and that puts me into a serious depression as they are all good and efficient working partners and my gossip sessions will end when they leave I mean they are few of the most people I have known that can gossip the way I gossip, isn’t that awesome? They will be gone on Friday and I will continue my work with this weird new girl that they hired. LOL

I need to get some rest, for your information, I work from 9am to 8pm, from Monday to Saturday. Excuse me, what do you call that? Crazy? Yes it is crazy! I could not even imagine if I work there permanently. I will be dead. We need some serious work shifts for me to breathe. Every Saturday will be the worst day of the week because I stood for more than 7 or 8 hours a day and it is finally a Saturday and my legs will be all cranked up. Fine, so Sunday will be a rest day for me but wait, the pain on my legs are not gone yet, and it is already 8pm on SUNDAY, which means I will be standing for more than 7 hours tomorrow. Conclusion, that is insane.

Trying to save so hard in order to pay myself a trip to Singapore end of July, which is also a birthday present for myself.  



1 在这无聊透顶的四月里,看了6本书,50部电影和3部连续剧。

2 第五次看《我叫金三顺》,人生多了非常多感触,‘人生不过如此’;第一次把《秘密花园》看完,惊叹于编剧的超常能力和演员的演技,更惊叹于为何只有韩剧能带出这么这么浓烈的爱情,让我佩服得五体投地。

3 人生被彻底启发了,觉得很多事只是过于云烟;人生再次被点亮了,觉得应该以正面的角度应对每件事。

4 非常想摆脱这无聊的日子但一旦忙起来的时候,又会很怀念。

2013 然后呢?

2012 年发生了很多愉快和不愉快的事情。








Gahh, I’m so helpless. Having a product development final exam on Monday and I’m still quite relax, need to reprint my FMP reports (ahedofhedkssa!!!) and I need to lose some fucking weight! Honestly, I don’t know what I ate to make myself reach the level of 68kg,  my skinniest moments were last year August, I was only 61kg! I’ve gained around 7kg… Well, I can’t blame anyone though, nobody asked me to eat McD breakfast every morning, nobody asked to me to bake ‘unnecessary’ cakes during weekends and nobody asked my to choose sleep over exercising. I know that if this continues I’ll become a freaking fat ass.Hence, the gym.

photo 4

Can you see how hard am I trying to make myself ‘not fat’ in front of the camera?! (iPhone4S front camera sucks!)

Hmm, talking about Iphones hehehehe, my dad has no objection towards the purchsaing of iPhone 5, err of course is for me! He said that he MIGHT buy for me next year or something, time doesn’t matter at all, as long as I get IT. Since my iPhone4S is still young and fresh, I’m just gonna stick with it a lil longer. Hope this will come true.


Okay I just fancy iPhones in white! They’re just amazing.

photo 2 (1)

I know I’ve been saying I want to stay in Paris, thus AIMING is important! LOL

photo 3 (1)

A lil revision on Product Development exam, don’t know how long will it takes for me to finish reading these….

photo 1 (2)

Before sleep, ZEBRAS! Haha I’m insane.

Time to fly.

Need time

Is time to update my dead WordPress. I have been dying to have fun and relax past few weeks! FMP and other subjects have drowned me to the bottom of the sea, barely have the energy to breathe.

Well talking about something happy, I joined Tjun Kit and Shaun’s little surprise birthday thingy, went to steamboat with the gang and filled my stomach with XXXXXkg of food. Sigh. I’ve gained like 3 or 4 kg in few months time. Then head to meeples for some fun games, this was my first time going to meeples, had fun there, tried games that I’ve never tried in my life!

photo 3

The Wizard family portrait, missing a lot of members inside, and what’s my position? LOL

photo 2

A little surprise for the boys, Shaun and Tjun. Oh, and the fruit tart from Tokyo Pastry was so good! Same as the one I had in Qing’s birthday party.

Well, two more weeks to 2013. 2012 seems fast, I think is passed at the speed of light, I’ve been always busy with my projects, assignments and studies. I would say I become more and more anti-social in 2012, other than doing my work I just feel like staying at home, watch tv, listen to music and go online.

I’m slowly moving to FMP2 already, and this is scary! Making all the ideas my groupmates and I had given in to reality, OMGGG. Last two weeks I’m the mayor of Melody’s house, my groupmates and I were thinking of staying there to finish our reports. Meeting till 2am, reached home at 3am, this ain’t fun, AIN’T FUN. Especially the day before presentation, we had 12 hours of meeting, from 11am to 11pm, and yes we’re creating a project for Bill Gates -.- Sounds like a billion dollar project huh, stay tuned for more next term.

photo 1

I’ve been wanting this for so long! Although I don’t own a fancy laptop.. eherm…. Mac Book… But I think I have the rights to own one, it’s 47Pounds… Sigh sigh sigh. By the way, this is a laptop bag.

I just got new glasses, hmm but I want contact lens.


Sometime I think I could let go of everything and live in a place like this. No sorrows, no worries, no stress, no discriminations.

Time to fly.

Sometimes, I don’t understand.

I always think thay if a person has done his or her job nicely and neatly, he or she would be appreciate by others, this senario doesn’t seem to apply in real life. Sometimes I’m really dissapointed in myself, I feel like I lost everything, literally everything…

Okay, the frequency of this feeling hitting be is quite high nowadays, and I can’t seem to handle it professionally. What to do now? So many things to do, so little time left; so many things to hold on to, so little courage to take actions.

Feelin’ a lil shitty now.

Let’s talk about something happy, shall we? Last few weeks my gang and I went to Pavilion for a project meeting, but our real intention is to look at the amazing work done by the students from Visual Communication. Honestly, it was AWESOME!

Look what they’ve done?! Haha, in a good way of course!

This is the work from Fashion Design students, all I can say is CHIC and HiGH END.

Last Saturday was a Remarkable day, went to Royale Bintang Ice Skating Rink with lovely Myra! It was my first time and I was acting very much like a Jakun, the only sentence I kept on telling Myra was: “Where’s my penguin?! I need my penguin!” Haha, the cute lil penguin I was talking about was the small, I would say a tool to keep you stable and somehow prevent you from falling, often used by brginners. It should be used by beginnners, but I don’t know why those kids kept using it, LOL.

The shoe-pic of Myra and me before getting to the Icy place.

I’m still waiting.

Life goes on.

So this will be second WordPress blog,  lost the first one, moreover the previous email: got hacked. Felt sad about it due to the memories I had with that email I created since I was 15. I was wondering if I wasn’t a fan of K-pop at that time, what will it be now?

Time flies, I’m going to be a student of FMM7.1, I guess I spent my time well with my fellow classmates through the ups and downs. Elderly always ask youngsters to appreciate what they couldn’t see, guess it would be time. I have not been appreciating what I had these days, or should I say there are nothing to be appreciate about? I’m lost.

I’m lost in all kinds of directions, in my family, relationship, friendship, studies and myself.

Back to college, FMM6.1 was pain in the ass. I was the coordinator plus head of financial department, dealing with people and money are never easy, seeing faces that annoyed me and having attitudes that pissed me off. Now is the new semester, guess more obstacles will be there for me to face. More courage is needed, I lost all in my 19 years of life, more courage will definitely benefit me.

Time to fly.