Life and my karma

This post will start with a little bit of my mood ebb, I promise it will get better at the end of the post. I guess I will start with what happened earlier this afternoon, I attended the last week of my Leadership in Asia tutorial, was amazed by numerous presentations, they were so fluent in expressing their body language and in the presentation content. Obviously they were not amateurs but still, I’m AMAZED by their presentations. So at the end of the tutorial I got back my group report results, which is a 48% (out of 100%). I was stoned, shocked, sad and many other mixed feelings rushed up my brain and every other parts of my body, I felt that I couldn’t breathe… I think I should take in some blame, because I should have a thorough check before I hand it in. On the journey back home I was really really down, I couldn’t believe that I failed my assignment.

Told one of my closest friend in the world and another closet friend in the world approached me, and both of them comforted me in positive and warm ways. Suddenly I feel that although those words were normal, “You’ll get better”, “Don’t worry, work harder”, aren’t these normal? But when it came out from people who really loves you, I think no matter what they say, I will still feel warm and loved. So, thank you Iffah and Myra, you have no idea how much I appreciate the friendship I have with both of you all, I love you both!

Come and think of it, life is just another journey that proves a living of a human being, everyone disappears eventually, we will leave this world. We don’t need everybody to remember us, but if we have the people who we love to remember us even when we’re gone, that’ll be great, in fact, isn’t this the purpose of life? A Harvard graduate still can be unemployed, a doctor still dies, a teacher can swear, we’re just normal human being, don’t be framed by any names, positions and powers that we earned, remember, it’ll be gone.

A funny question that is usually asked? “Do you believe in karma?”. I think even if you don’t believe it, when you think back, it does exist. I remembered last semester I kept make fun of one of my friend (actually it continues till this semester), I pinpointed his attitude towards his work and studies, but as time goes by, I found myself not attending tutorials, skipping class and having last minute study too, I guess karma does exist. Now I always remind myself that whatever goes out from your mouth, it comes back, it does, so be careful.

I’ve been struggling with multiples mood swings, I can be happy or sad in just a short time. So I guess I should just study hard now and have a effective and efficient (hopefully) review on myself.


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