I recently got stroked by an unexplainable emotions.

I’m still finding out due to what that I’m upset about, and what shit just killed my dopamine. 


Nothing fancy nor interesting in my university life as it goes longer, just classes, studies and tutorials. Okay, maybe the ‘interesting’ thing is I got appointed as group leader in my management tutorial. Now, things went through my mind. First of all since when I’m born with the ‘group leader’ face, second of all, I have to learn how to deal with people whom I only see once a week. 


I know all these sound like ranting to you, but is not like anyone will read my blog anyway, so I can say what I want. Another thing, since when studying abroad become the ‘in’ thing? The heat of studying abroad is just like when Chatime just got into Malaysia. Now you see there’re less people now in Chatime because 90% of the customers already packed their bags and went abroad to study, if that make any sense. 


I’ve always wanted to study abroad, like I WANT IT. I was hoping to go Sydney but things went wrong and I was told to pursue my degree program in Malaysia. Let me tell you something, my failure to study abroad will be one of the biggest regrets of my life. Then I will have people telling me “Nahhh, don’t you worry, you’ll have the chance, or you can go work in other countries.” And again let me tell you, what position are you in to tell me that I will have the chance? Even me myself don’t ever think of it anymore and even my parents don’t think of sending me abroad anymore. Then, is working in other countries different that studying? Yes, it is DIFFERENT. One is work and one is study. Study means that you literally don’t have to worry about your financial status when you’re abroad. Well, some people have to work to pass time or some really need to earn some pocket money, no matter what, studying abroad means that you’re not under heavy financial pressure. 


Sorry I just have to rant. Then only I can focus on studying and more. 



I came across the Harper’s Bazaar best 40 denim looks, Kate Moss is definitely on top of my list. 


I have to go,


University life.

I recently started my uni life, I was told by numerous people that uni life is fun and full of experience. This week is my week 2, no so much of fun yet. Yes I met a bunch of cool and friendly friends, they helped me in so many ways. I’m also glad that I have my high school junior who happened to be my uni senior to sell me cheap textbooks.

First, applying to Monash is just a pain, they have so many restrictions and rules. I’ve never been through that in Raffles, so it was kind of hard for me. Because I’m so genius, I got serious food poisoning before the orientation start s. DO NOT EAT THE SUSHI FROM 1UTAMA JUSCO FOOD COURT, DO NOT.

Coming to a new environment freaks me out, I’m used to a small compound when I’m studying my diploma. In Monash, everything is magnified, I mean how many student we have in Raffles, 600? In Monash you meet 6000 people, that’s literally 10 times more, oh wait it’s exactly 10 times, ahhh my math. In uni, everything is on yourself, enrolment, library resources, making friends, tutorials, lectures, timetable allocation, you have to everything alone, no more spoon fed.

It’s good in a way that I have to learn how to be independent, others are learning at 19, and I’m already 21. So, luckily I met nice friends, now we’re practically sticking together during lectures. Unfortunately, for tutorials I’m all alone, but you make more friends, now you walk to every where around the campus you’ll be like “oh, hi!”.

I think is the Chinese blood, the competitive characteristics is somehow implant in us, is just the matter of more or less. For me, my Raffles friends have taught me how to be relax in every matter, there’s no need to rush, and no need to be so competitive. And I arrived in Monash and everyone is so competitive. Not my group of friends, they’re nice and chill. I mean other than that, come on, nobody wants to help me during timetable allocation. Everyone is busy arranging their ‘perfect’ timetable, which I don’t get it because every each student has 9 classes. Well, is just the matter of days that you’ll be in the campus.

In fact, I was stressed by those little little things. Now I’m all good, and here comes the  study part. I know that studying ahead is good, but is this strongly encouraged? I mean I have textbooks as thick as a dictionary. Does that mean that every of my off-day I have to sit in my room reading something that lecturer hasn’t covered? I mean now I do, by looking at those people in my tutorial class. They’re well prepared. Maybe that’s why they’re so good in everything.

CLUBS ANS SOCIETIES, do I even have time to participate in those? I mean I would like to participate in Chinese Society (i was high when I found out that there’s one), and some sports thingy and of course rock climbing. I think I’ll just wait for my second semester.

Does all this sound like complaining to you? Oh no, I’m just ‘stating’ facts, don’t worry, I’m taking it all in and I’m definitely arranging my time well. I miss my Raffles peeps already.