I finished my internship back in August and yes I’m still slacking at home. The reason why I slack is because I’m still unsure about my future (to those who are very sure about their future, congratulations), I’ve been talking few of my best friends about my insecurity towards my future. Some asked me to continue to study while some ask me to work.

Seeing people so determined at their work or studies drives me crazy, and I even came out with this ridiculous conclusion, “do not study diploma”. And yes, I never felt so true about a statement, because it left you hanging, people who doesn’t have enough money but wants to study will end up working their whole life, they might have the money after a few years of working but the desire is not as strong as before. Well, people who has the money to continue their study, Good Luck! But don’t waste your parents’ money and study hard because you guys have the chance that some people wouldn’t even have.

Watched a few movies during my slacking period and I’m glad that I found some interesting ones.


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“While you were sleeping ” was a romantic comedy of two people, one is collecting tokens at the train station and one is a worker in a furniture business, from how they met and how they communicate, my conclusion was: IT’S SO 90’s !!! Back then everything is so pure and simple and straight forward, unlike now, people are being so selfish, lack of patience and realistic.


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“Julie and Julia” was more of an autobiography but it was filmed in a very interesting way, talking from 1949 in Paris until 2002 in Queens. Meryl Streep is such an excellent actress, the way she talks and how her voices changed amazed me so much because she gave a character its own soul in every movie she did. Julie and Julia both have two similarities, they’ve got interested in cooking and man who loved them.

Guess I had made up some parts of my mind, I’m taking up French in mid November, it’s been a dream to learn French and now I finally have the chance to soak my self in some French words and their ambience.


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