I have been staying at home for more than two months, that made me became very lazy. My life is practically with my laptop, TV and bed. Hung out with some friends during these two months but not often. I have known to be very depressed these few weeks, maybe I don’t have many friends to talk with, and depression just hit me unexpectedly during nighttime. Not sure how to express my depression in a healthy and efficient way, so I am always full of negative thoughts, hope this can stop as soon as possible.


Anyways, I decided to learn French. I have been dreaming to live in Paris, but before stepping forward to my destination, language must be taken care of, I don’t want to live there with my broken French.


Question: Am I a loner?

I have been questioning myself as well as my college friends, Natasha a good friend of mine met me in a shopping mall and the first thing she said to me was: “You are always alone!” That wakes me up actually, let me review my life from high school, hmmm, I don’t have many friends to talk with and I always go out alone. Watch movie alone, drink coffee alone, eat dinner alone and many more, which is why I don’t get those people who is seeking gym buddies. You can just GYM alone you know, you don’t need to be accompanied always.


I have no plans to start anything, neither study plans nor work plans, well except for the language class. I guess I’d better me making plans before Chinese new year, before all my relatives giving me suggestions that they think is very useful but actually is very useless.


Left: Gucci, Right: Saint Laurent. 

Current addiction. 


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