I’ve been very very sick these few days, not sure why but lymphs are swollen like very swollen, I couldn’t even swallow anything, that’s how sad it is. Thanks to the lifesaver antibiotic, now I’m getting better.

Had a pre-birthday celebration with daddy on last Sunday (his birthday is today), Sunday was horrible, I wanted to shop badly but due to the fever and body ache I couldn’t even walk properly, but I did manage to grab a few stuff before I got really sick in the mall.

ImageThings I bought before I’m still in the I-can-walk-by-myself situation.

Then I spent two days at home by just resting on bed and bonding with my new lappie 🙂 Basically spent my days watching Triumph In The Skies 2, loved the first one better though.

ImageBought myself some new books to read, finally got some time to read after all the hectic work I’ve been through. ImageI love my speakers, honestly these speakers are cheap, like less than RM55 if not mistaken and it was on sale! Trust me, Logitech is good enough, don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands of ringgits to buy those extravagant speakers, these will work just fine for you. Image

Rainbow for you before end of this post.



Everything has an end

I promise I will make this post less emotional. So this Wednesday is my official last day in J Store, and everything is making me so emotional that day. How could you believe that I have seen my colleagues more than 16 hours a day on Monday and Tuesday? 

I am really grateful that I got to work with professional and dedicated colleagues in this company. We have been working closely in past three months, especially with my beloved manager Kak Dewi, she taught me so many things that I could only use my hard work to return what I have learnt from her. Although there were like hiccups throughout the past three months, but I would say I experienced a lot. From the opening of boutique to fashion shows, from pre-order to raya collections. All this would not be successfully accomplished if there weren’t the existence of a good team. 

Well, I am gonna talk about my birthday to be less emotional about me leaving the company. I have got a MacBook Pro for my birthday! 😀 That’s the electronic gadget that I have been wanting for so long! 

My 20th birthday is full of presents and wishes. Thanks papa and mama, friends and colleagues for the presents and wishes. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!