I’ve been working for so long and today my boss talked to me and asked me to stay, and…. I decided to stay until Hari Raya. Under a condition, I must get a day off on my birthday. If my boss asked me to stay two weeks before, my answer would be: HELL NO. Let me update you, last Wednesday morning I went to work like a normal intern and when I was about to reach my workplace I banged a BMW 7 Series. That was my first time banging someone’s car (hopefullly is the last time too, touchwood*), and it was the ultimate & series. 


Paid freaking RM800 for 3 little scratches and RM1,000 for the repair for my car. So I went home and cried. I planned out everthing so well, I am gonna use the allowance I get from Internship and travel around Singapore and now everything has became SHIT. Wonder why am I in such bad luck. My parents were nagging and nagging and NAGGING.


Conclusion? I decided to working longer than I planned in order to get more money. I have never been to Singapore and I am going to use the salary I got from work to travel. I planned to go on 31st of July and come back on 3rd August as I still wanna celebrate my birthday here. Now plans have changed, I’m going to Singapore after Raya and hopefully with some of my friends.


When your up, your friends know who you are. When you’re down, you know who your friends are.


I cannot agree more than that. 




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