So I got internship, in Jovian Mandagie boutique. I have wanted to work for a long time and I got it. I would say more of regret than excitement. It was super tiring. I am quite stressed up during work and especially I am working as a sales assistant, boutique assistant manager and a cleaner. They are really lucky to have me to be in their company during the opening of new boutique. Although they all wanted me to stay after my internship but I doubt it. I would not say my work next time will be relaxed (as fashion industry is never relaxed) but I would want to work in a company with more appropriate system.  Soon puasa month will be here and I am sure that there will be shit lot of work to be accomplished.

My fellow Canadians, Brynne, Jordan and Heather will be gone this Friday and that puts me into a serious depression as they are all good and efficient working partners and my gossip sessions will end when they leave I mean they are few of the most people I have known that can gossip the way I gossip, isn’t that awesome? They will be gone on Friday and I will continue my work with this weird new girl that they hired. LOL

I need to get some rest, for your information, I work from 9am to 8pm, from Monday to Saturday. Excuse me, what do you call that? Crazy? Yes it is crazy! I could not even imagine if I work there permanently. I will be dead. We need some serious work shifts for me to breathe. Every Saturday will be the worst day of the week because I stood for more than 7 or 8 hours a day and it is finally a Saturday and my legs will be all cranked up. Fine, so Sunday will be a rest day for me but wait, the pain on my legs are not gone yet, and it is already 8pm on SUNDAY, which means I will be standing for more than 7 hours tomorrow. Conclusion, that is insane.

Trying to save so hard in order to pay myself a trip to Singapore end of July, which is also a birthday present for myself.  


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