Gahh, I’m so helpless. Having a product development final exam on Monday and I’m still quite relax, need to reprint my FMP reports (ahedofhedkssa!!!) and I need to lose some fucking weight! Honestly, I don’t know what I ate to make myself reach the level of 68kg,  my skinniest moments were last year August, I was only 61kg! I’ve gained around 7kg… Well, I can’t blame anyone though, nobody asked me to eat McD breakfast every morning, nobody asked to me to bake ‘unnecessary’ cakes during weekends and nobody asked my to choose sleep over exercising. I know that if this continues I’ll become a freaking fat ass.Hence, the gym.

photo 4

Can you see how hard am I trying to make myself ‘not fat’ in front of the camera?! (iPhone4S front camera sucks!)

Hmm, talking about Iphones hehehehe, my dad has no objection towards the purchsaing of iPhone 5, err of course is for me! He said that he MIGHT buy for me next year or something, time doesn’t matter at all, as long as I get IT. Since my iPhone4S is still young and fresh, I’m just gonna stick with it a lil longer. Hope this will come true.


Okay I just fancy iPhones in white! They’re just amazing.

photo 2 (1)

I know I’ve been saying I want to stay in Paris, thus AIMING is important! LOL

photo 3 (1)

A lil revision on Product Development exam, don’t know how long will it takes for me to finish reading these….

photo 1 (2)

Before sleep, ZEBRAS! Haha I’m insane.

Time to fly.


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