Need time

Is time to update my dead WordPress. I have been dying to have fun and relax past few weeks! FMP and other subjects have drowned me to the bottom of the sea, barely have the energy to breathe.

Well talking about something happy, I joined Tjun Kit and Shaun’s little surprise birthday thingy, went to steamboat with the gang and filled my stomach with XXXXXkg of food. Sigh. I’ve gained like 3 or 4 kg in few months time. Then head to meeples for some fun games, this was my first time going to meeples, had fun there, tried games that I’ve never tried in my life!

photo 3

The Wizard family portrait, missing a lot of members inside, and what’s my position? LOL

photo 2

A little surprise for the boys, Shaun and Tjun. Oh, and the fruit tart from Tokyo Pastry was so good! Same as the one I had in Qing’s birthday party.

Well, two more weeks to 2013. 2012 seems fast, I think is passed at the speed of light, I’ve been always busy with my projects, assignments and studies. I would say I become more and more anti-social in 2012, other than doing my work I just feel like staying at home, watch tv, listen to music and go online.

I’m slowly moving to FMP2 already, and this is scary! Making all the ideas my groupmates and I had given in to reality, OMGGG. Last two weeks I’m the mayor of Melody’s house, my groupmates and I were thinking of staying there to finish our reports. Meeting till 2am, reached home at 3am, this ain’t fun, AIN’T FUN. Especially the day before presentation, we had 12 hours of meeting, from 11am to 11pm, and yes we’re creating a project for Bill Gates -.- Sounds like a billion dollar project huh, stay tuned for more next term.

photo 1

I’ve been wanting this for so long! Although I don’t own a fancy laptop.. eherm…. Mac Book… But I think I have the rights to own one, it’s 47Pounds… Sigh sigh sigh. By the way, this is a laptop bag.

I just got new glasses, hmm but I want contact lens.


Sometime I think I could let go of everything and live in a place like this. No sorrows, no worries, no stress, no discriminations.

Time to fly.


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