Sometimes, I don’t understand.

I always think thay if a person has done his or her job nicely and neatly, he or she would be appreciate by others, this senario doesn’t seem to apply in real life. Sometimes I’m really dissapointed in myself, I feel like I lost everything, literally everything…

Okay, the frequency of this feeling hitting be is quite high nowadays, and I can’t seem to handle it professionally. What to do now? So many things to do, so little time left; so many things to hold on to, so little courage to take actions.

Feelin’ a lil shitty now.

Let’s talk about something happy, shall we? Last few weeks my gang and I went to Pavilion for a project meeting, but our real intention is to look at the amazing work done by the students from Visual Communication. Honestly, it was AWESOME!

Look what they’ve done?! Haha, in a good way of course!

This is the work from Fashion Design students, all I can say is CHIC and HiGH END.

Last Saturday was a Remarkable day, went to Royale Bintang Ice Skating Rink with lovely Myra! It was my first time and I was acting very much like a Jakun, the only sentence I kept on telling Myra was: “Where’s my penguin?! I need my penguin!” Haha, the cute lil penguin I was talking about was the small, I would say a tool to keep you stable and somehow prevent you from falling, often used by brginners. It should be used by beginnners, but I don’t know why those kids kept using it, LOL.

The shoe-pic of Myra and me before getting to the Icy place.

I’m still waiting.


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