Life goes on.

So this will be second WordPress blog,  lost the first one, moreover the previous email: got hacked. Felt sad about it due to the memories I had with that email I created since I was 15. I was wondering if I wasn’t a fan of K-pop at that time, what will it be now?

Time flies, I’m going to be a student of FMM7.1, I guess I spent my time well with my fellow classmates through the ups and downs. Elderly always ask youngsters to appreciate what they couldn’t see, guess it would be time. I have not been appreciating what I had these days, or should I say there are nothing to be appreciate about? I’m lost.

I’m lost in all kinds of directions, in my family, relationship, friendship, studies and myself.

Back to college, FMM6.1 was pain in the ass. I was the coordinator plus head of financial department, dealing with people and money are never easy, seeing faces that annoyed me and having attitudes that pissed me off. Now is the new semester, guess more obstacles will be there for me to face. More courage is needed, I lost all in my 19 years of life, more courage will definitely benefit me.

Time to fly.


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